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The poor work for money but the rich make their
money work FOR them. 


There are only a handfull of ways
to earn online:

1. From a job (where you work for someone else).*

2. From earning $ for clicking on ads or taking surveys.
Usually you earn less then a cent per click and surveys
earn you typically only a dollar for 15 mins of time. 
I find this method very frustrating and have earned so 
little for my time. However if you want to do this, go to
LeadsLeap (see your sponsors link in the Formula) and
then look under "coop earnings" in LeadsLeap for directions.*

3. From writing a blog or creating a website and 
getting people to see your site by getting your site
ranked on Google, Bing or Yahoo. This means you 
have to study SEO (search engine optimization)
and become very skilled at it to succeed. If you want 
to learn this you can go to
Wealthy Affiliate (see link in the Formula)

4. From promoting (on Social Media or Safelists). This
could also include selling Amazon products or doing
drop shipping.  

5. From Trading on the stock market, Forex Trading or Crypto.

I've personally spent years learning how to trade stocks on the
NYSE and how to do Forex Trading. 
Both took years of study 
and hard work and it's only now beginning to pay off for me. 
There are also many bad programs that promise that they are 
"done for you". Watch out for these. If you are interested in a 
couple ones that I've found that are real, simply email me
and I will share them with you. 

As far as Crypto is concerned, there are some good programs
out there and many bad ones.
 The bad ones are hard to tell
and I've personally lost over $1400 from getting scammed in them.

I finally learned my lesson to actually start learning real skills in
trading Crypto instead of allowing someone else to "drive my
"crypto car".
 Each time someone else was in charge,
I got scammed.

Crypto currency is very real and is highly
 The problem is that when the authorities find these
bad programs and take them off the market, your money
(and everyone elses) get tangled up in a legal mess for years to come. 

You will find your money impossible to retreave until the 
final verdict has come to light. And I would not 
be surprised if it is all gone by then anyway. 
Crypto is not a scam and I believe it is here to stay.
However, learn from my mistakes. Take the time to learn real skills
if you want to earn from Crypto.*

Probably the EASIEST way to earn online where 
you can EARN the most is from #4: promoting
on safelists.
 So we're going to teach you how 
do this!*

*Earnings Disclaimer:
We are not financial planners, or experts in money in
any way. Anytime you want to make financial decisions,
please consult a professional. Thanks


Part 1: 

Complete Each Step ONE At A Time!

Complete Each Step to Earn!

This is going to give you a fighting chance 
at making a sale online
. Free members 
ALWAYS earn LESS then paid members. However,
there is a program that will give you as reasonable a rate
of return as you will ever find promoting traffic.

Now of course, you could start promoting JVZoo affiliate
products or Clickbank and perhaps earn more...but I never had
much success promoting them and we doubt you will either unless you
understand and become skilled at SEO.

In fact 35% is almost unheard of for a free member promoting traffic.
That's means that if you get a referral and they pay a $70 upgrade, you will
earn somewhere around $24. That's pretty great for being a free member! 
Of course I can't predict your earnings or what exactly you will
get when you do earn. 

This is just my best estimate. At anytime you may upgrade
and gain a higher earning potential.


There is a small catch however to obtaining this rate. You have to do a
little consistent work to earn it. Join FreeAdvertisingForYou ( (FAFY)
under your sponsor (on the previous page) 
now as a free member.
You may upgrade if you have the 


You will find all the details to getting the free Pro
upgrade inside under the "9 Steps to Success" Tab.

You will need to earn the free upgrade to Pro and then
your earnings percentage will go up. 

On top of this, if you follow the instructions, 
your chances of earning real cash prizes goes up
. In fact, I click daily  

on FAFY and have won many prizes completely by accident. 

I've also earned cash from referrals I've brought in and cash prizes
that were paid out in a timely manner without me 
even having to ask for them! 

If you show loyalty to FAFY, you will find that FAFY will 
reward you. However, I cannot guarantee your earnings will be 
like mine 
or that you even will get sales.



Don't miss reading all "9 Steps to Success" in FAFY to see
all the advantages you can get! 

Watch  this video to know how to get started: 

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Albie Debyshire



You will want to promote FAFY on as many free ad
sites as possible. 
Go HERE  to learn how to begin advertising.


The credits you earn from FAFY, we suggest you advertise 
with them (don't advertise FAFY on FAFY).
LeadsLeap will pay free members 20%. Join LeadsLeap
under you sponsor (on the previous page).

So for a referral who upgrades in LeadsLeap, you will earn somewhere 
around $4 (which is more than you will earn from most other places).
See LeadsLeap for specific details. As always we cannot guarantee earnings. 

While you're working to earn your first commission,
you may go to our Steps to Six Figures Training below:

Watch this short 3 min. video for more details :)


When you have earned your first $10 online, then 

we are going to show you how to invest it in PART 2
and how to turn it into much more!

Congratulations when you complete Part 1!

You can continue to earn with this method as long as you like.
However, when you're FINISHED with this go to...

Part 2:



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Special Thanks to John Vance,
Jamie Terrel, Rosina Bignall, KC, Brian Allerton and other team members
who helped Albie & Elizabeta create this Formula!

We look forward to working with you! 



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